Public Ballot, Ernslaw Forests, 2007


Foundation Membership

The Sambar Deer Management Foundation Inc. has successfully negotiated a contract with Ernslaw One Ltd to provide hunting opportunities in the traditional hunting areas of Tangimoana, Santoft and part of Harakeke forests.

The hunting period will be from early October to the end of November. We anticipate that there will be in excess of 150 hunt opportunities. Should this year be successful this hunting period could be extended to start in mid August 2008.

The Foundation is pleased to have succeeded in obtaining a contract to offer these opportunities to hunters. For this year the foundation will be the sole agent for issuing Sambar hunting permits for Ernslaw One Ltd.

Hunters are reminded that while the protection on Sambar Deer has been removed you MUST have the land owner/occupiers consent to hunt on their lands. This applies to both public and private lands.

These hunting opportunities will be offered by ballot as in past years.

The foundation is issuing new permits which will contain comprehensive conditions that all hunters MUST observe to retain their hunter opportunities.

If you would like to enter the ballot on-line please complete an application.


Important Dates

21 September, 2007:     Ballot Applications close

24 September, 2007:     Ballot drawn

13 October, 2007:     Hunting starts


Foundation Membership

Membership is NOT a requirement for ballot entry. Membership of the Foundation is open to anyone wishing to apply. All memberships are subject to Committee approval. As a member of the Foundation you will be welcome at all meetings and will receive the committee meeting minutes.


Foundation Promotional Goods

The Foundation is offering promotional goods for sale as part of its activities. See our Store for details.